Logistics Coordinator Position in Houston Texas 40-42k base

Key Accountabilities
Methanol & Ethanol Sales Support & Traffic and Logistics Coordinator for servicing delivery to trucking & railing customers in North America:

Servicing a delivery to customer(s) in North America (East Coast Region) which we ship out product from 2 inventory terminals located at Bayonne and Perth Amboy , NJ , selling them FCA/FOB tank and DDP to customers sites etc. We are expanding sales for these accounts. The amount of deliveries is significant. This includes activities like below mainly;

a)Servicing account and arranging delivery by contracting logistics such as barges, trucks and rails out from our inventory, and coordinate scheduling to deliver the materials to customer’s sites. (80% Truck/ 20% Rail and Barge)
b)Inventory management by communicating close with sales manager as well as logistics specialist/manager. Month end reconciliation.
c)Billing, collecting, accounting input associated with the account.
d)Monitoring credit exposure of each customer with commercial managers.
e)Good Customer Service to satisfy their needs on top of regular delivery service, by working closely and jointly with sales person in charge.
f)Tracing locations of 150+ railcars, manage to juggle its movements to stably and efficiently use the cars, and collecting and managing the data of its locations for required filing against relevant authority.
g)Managing billing/payment of freight, demurrage, repair of rail cars and trucks.
h)Controlling inventory in both shore and inland storage locations.
i)Export and Import regulatory compliance managements and processing.

Knowledge and Skills Required:

1)Computer skills including Excel and other Microsoft applications
2)Knowledge on SAP input as well as company regulations especially for internal control requirement
3)Accuracy and Efficiency of conducting job.
4)Job organization skills for not making mistake/overlook of work necessity.
5)Reporting skill to share the information with sales and logistics staffs.
6)Ability to be proactive/flexible (think a few steps ahead) and make changes in order to prevent and solve problems.
7)Good communication skills in order to provide quality service for our customers. .
1)3 to 5 years experience in a similar type of position.

Relevant Experience and Education

1)Licenses or certifications required, if any: Hazmat Certified