Litigation/Jury Consultant Chicago/NY/Philly $30-$35/hr

Perform all tasks associated with Jury related litigation consulting. (demographic profiling, facilitation/moderation of research panels, reporting, statistical analysis) and other related litigation consulting products. Such as: online jury research, shadow juries, jury selection, community attitude surveys, witness prep, voir dire and jury selection.

Jury Consultant Skills
Jury consultants must possess a keen insight into human behavior, motivation and decision-making abilities. Excellent interpersonal and communications skills, as well as exceptional writing, speaking and presentation skills, are essential. Research is integral to the job, so candidates should have exceptional abilities in data analysis, as well as proficiency with statistical software. Knowledge of social science research methodology is important.

Pretrial Duties
Jury consultants are integral to the legal process even before a trial begins. They research the jurors’ backgrounds, create juror profiles and assist with jury selection and voir dire — the questioning of prospective jurors. Jury consultants may conduct focus groups and mock trials. They also conduct pretrial research, gather and analyze demographic data, perform statistical analyses and draft analytic reports.

Trial Duties
Developing trial strategies to help shape juror perceptions is one of the most important responsibilities of a jury consultant because it can lead to a favorable outcome. The consultant will provide insight into jurors’ body language and behavior at trial, as well as coach witnesses for the best possible presentation of facts under questioning. He may help lawyers identify arguments and develop strategies. Some jury consultants create courtroom graphics and multi-media presentations to help the attorney weave a compelling and persuasive story for the jury.

Educational and experience
Bachelor’s degree at minimum, a JD, master’s degree or Ph.D. in behavioral science, sociology, political science, criminology, psychology or another social science is preferred. Senior litigation consultant requires 5 plus years’ experience in the field. Junior level associate 2-3 years experience in the field.

Although a law degree isn’t required, a jury consultant should at least possess a firm understanding of legal procedures and terminology. Client development skills are also helpful in acquiring a strong and lucrative client base.

Technical Skills
Microsoft Office Suite, Analytical software (such as SPSS), general understanding of presentation technology.