Executive Assistant PERM 80k-90k plus 10-15% target bonus

Great benefits.

Position supports Managing Director of a very large section of the firm, reports directly to President

There is almost no personal, unless somehow related to the business travel

Attentive to the little details, a good gatekeeper, who can coordinate heavy travel (on their own), meetings/dinners/off-sites and enjoys the role of the EA.

Surrounding team is amazing…other EAs are lovely and the business is great, fun company…

Poised, polished, professional in terms of appearance and communication style

Ideally with some background working on Wall street

Technical skills very important, to be familiar and easy learner of the Microsoft Teams, how to open up conf. call, how to connect the lines/VC, and to understand importance of technology overall. This exec is always on the run and would be using all available technology/social media to connect with clients, coworkers, etc.

Savvy calendar management skills


Prepping exec for meetings

Executive Assistant

Will be supporting C-level Officer. 

          6-8 years’ experience

           very energetic, outgoing, bubbly

           Needs to flawlessly manage a calendar

          Standard EA skills – I&D Travel, expenses, scheduling, etc.

          can-do attitude – this is very important!