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COVID-19 Response Coordinator

The coordinator will be the primary position responsible for ensuring
preparedness and safety of school operations in response to COVID-19, and
for managing and implementing responses to COVID-19 infections in the
Catholic schools operating under the direction of the Superintendent of
Schools. The Coordinator will develop and implement all preparedness
measures in these schools.
Responsibilities and Duties:
 Design and implementation COVID19-related staff and operational
health protocols and procedures with the involvement and
contribution of regional superintendents.
 Assist in the development and implementation of preparedness and
prevention measures in these schools.
 Monitor and supervise COVID-19 preparedness and response
activities, evaluating progress through outputs and impact.
 Have a full working knowledge of responsive strategies to promote
behaviors which create healthy school environments contained in the
Moving Forward Together manual.
 Track cases of the COVID-19 virus
 Monitor and report presumed and confirmed cases daily to the
Superintendent, his staff, the regional superintendents, and Director of
Insurance and Risk Management.
 React quickly to crisis and organize / implement appropriate
assessments and responses.

Revised 8/25/2020
 Assist in the implementation of strategies to assure community
members receive news of relevant vaccinations and testing.
 Travel to schools to conduct on-site assessment and evaluation of
response and safety practices.
 Track latest COVID-19 directives and guidelines from local, state,
and national public health officials.
 Support the logistics activities of school administrative and/or
health/nursing staff, in relation to the purchasing of COVID-19 related
supplies, etc.

 Clinical degree or diploma (nurse), or Public Health degree.
 an experienced medical clinician with access to medical teams.
 knowledge and understanding of developing large scale tracking for
outbreak investigations and contact tracing.
Experience and Competencies:
 2 years’ post-qualification professional experience.
 1-year management experience, preferred.
 Good communications skills, ability to communicate ideas clearly
such as in guidelines and job aids.
 Ability to prioritize clearly and oversee multiple tasks and to take the
initiative in project decisions.
 Able to set clear objectives for staff and to delegate. Committed to
consultative leadership.
 Knowledge of caring and compassion for affected persons, children,
and all staff.
 Flexibility, ability to work under pressure in a fast-moving, charitable,
resource-challenged environment.
 Able to ensure quick, quality delivery in stressful environment.
 Good knowledge of MS Office (Word, Excel, Outlook).
 Proficiency with computers and smart phone technology; Able to
work remotely.
 Valid Driver’s License required and ability to travel