Merit has employment services that we can tailor to your specific needs. The services opposite are customizable and our staffing specialists are available during regular business hours to answer your questions. We are happy to offer discounted rates as a trial of our services.

Need someone to cover for an employee’s absence for a day or two? Need someone for a specific project either short or long term? Need someone to cover for a maternity leave? Need someone permanently but first you have to convince those with the authority to sign off on headcount and budget that the need is indeed there?

Merit offers temporary staffing services allowing you to fill your employment gap and focus on your other priorities. We have a pool, constantly refreshed, of candidates on stand-by ready to report for your position on the same day, if need be.

Merit also offers a realistic solution for your company if you are unsure about adding to your staff, perhaps for workload or budgetary considerations. Our temp-to-perm option allows you the flexibility of having your position being filled initially with a Merit temp with a view, if circumstances permit you to hire permanently, to transfer the temp to your payroll.

During these challenging economic times, we find that clients increasingly find this a useful solution to their hiring needs. We are able to reduce your conversion fee when/if the Merit temp becomes permanent. Ask one of our consultants today about designing your own staffing solution.

The traditional way of hiring. If you know what you are looking for, Merit will find it for you. We can reduce your cost and time that it takes for you to perform all the necessary steps in hiring a new employee, leaving you free to work on your revenue-producing tasks, or important HR issues. For line managers, we offer advice and years of expertise to help you…so instead of spending countless hours and dollars on sourcing, recruiting, interviewing, and determining the suitability of a candidate…we can do it for you! And for Human Resources professionals, we can partner with you in expediting the process leaving you freer for your other myriad priorities. Unique to our process is the time we take in meeting with candidates on a one-to-one basis and thoroughly understanding their goals and qualities (and verifying their skill set). By doing so, we are able to make the right connections happen, and produce long-lasting, successful relationships.

Merit has related services to make your hiring and on-boarding processes easier.


  • Temp employees are processed on Merit’s payroll which incur no cost to your payroll
  • Temps fill needs quickly for urgent roles that need to be covered urgently e.g. the receptionist has called out sick; the marketing presentation to clients has to be collated, bound and ready to fly with the executives for their road show trip; the mailing for your non-profit gala dinner has to be prepared and sent immediately; you are moving offices and need someone to move those heavy boxes.
  • You save the cost of extending benefits to the employee
  • Our temps are fully insured and bonded up to 5 million dollars
  • You can get same-day delivery of a temp to fill an immediate need
  • Temps are tested to assess their skills and references are verified

*Please note that for temporary services or consultants our fee is a percentage markup on the hourly rate of pay. We offer very competitive rates.


Pre-Employment Screening

Drug Screening

Criminal/Credit Background Checks

Name, Social Security #, Drivers License, Residence and Education Verifications

Verification of Employment History

Skills Testing (Software)

Reference Checks and Verifications

Payroll Temporary Employees

Direct Deposit

Electronic Billing