Catherine joined Merit initially in May of 2019 as an intern for a few months in the summer before she went back in August for her Bachelors She earned her BA. in Communication and Media Studies and her BS. in Psychology at the University of Rhode Island in December of 2019 and came on to Merit’s staff shortly after full-time. She is very personable with people and helps out in anyway that she can. Catherine believes professionalism is very important in an interview process, but also believes that people you can relate to goes a long way in an interview process. Catherine specializes in working with recent college grads and those looking for a step in the right direction.

In her spare time, she likes getting her hands dirty on any type of craft you can think of. Her house is usually under construction, helping her dad with who-know-what project that needs to be done around the house. She also loves the outdoors and loves to spend it with her family and her adorable black lab, Taxi.