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Personal Assistant, Malibu, one year – $40-$50/hr

  • A Personal Assistant for the Principal is needed in a large compound in Malibu, overlooking the water.
  • Her daughter and family are currently staying in a cottage on the compound and are more or less self-sufficient (more or less; they may occasionally ask for help but they’re not needy). Except for the fact that the world has turned topsy turvy and nothing will ever be the same again, the responsibilities are as you would expect working for a busy high-net-worth individual. There’s co-ordination of household staff schedules, intricate travel arrangements, keeping track of clothing and furnishings, sourcing of products and household inventory, helping co-ordinate the philanthropic activities, medical appointments… and so on. Keeping focus within a multi-disciplinary setting, including staff, financial advisors, vendors, is one of the keys to success.
  • The Principal is an Energizer Bunny and always has ongoing projects, and ensuring that they run effectively, on time and on budget, will be a crucial aspect of the position.
  • Have good computer skills. You’ll not be doing pivot tables but fast, accurate work is what’s needed. And of course, drafting emails, not merely typing them.
  • Have the relevant experience; if you’ve just learnt to ride a bicycle, you wouldn’t register for the Tour de France.
  • You probably won’t see this in other job specs….. but you’ll be spending quite a bit of time with the Principal, particularly whilst under today’s enforced strange circumstances, so it would help if you had some sort of empathy with her! Her interests are eclectic; world affairs, literature, art, the environment, education, climate change, and so being interested in at least some of these will help build a strong rapport of mutual trust, confidence and respect.
  • Hours, as ever with PA jobs, have to be flexible but are mostly Tuesday – Saturday, 10.00am – 7.00pm. Hourly rate  d.o.e. but $40-$50+/hour. Mileage allowance for errand-running. Be a non-smoker and non-allergic to dogs. Clean driver’s license and current passport in order to travel domestically and internationally.

Please forward all resumes to mkennedy@meritpersonnel.com