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Senior Trial Presentation (Perm)

Job Description

“Senior Trial Presentation Consultant”

Company: Legal Services Company

Location: Preferred in New York, NY or Philadelphia, PA

Salary: 100-125K base + bonus (150-175K all-in)


Responsible for the preparation and presentation of evidence for trial, arbitrations, mediations, hearings, jury research and client meetings. Demonstrated ability to work effectively with trial teams throughout the litigation lifecycle. This individual will be responsible for identifying and scanning exhibits, scripting with the attorneys, setting up the courtroom, and sitting ‘hot seat’ during trial. Initial intake and assessment of trial needs. Manage internal trial presentation consultants and independent contractors.


Vendor Management – Ability to speak effectively in sales presentation support roles. Estimate fees and expenses, generate proposals, for sales.


  1. Job Intake – Intake initial calls for trial presentation services, assess needs and create service plans. Receive initial logistic information on trial information from direct contact with litigation team or internal sales contact. Set up clear lines of communication with the trial team to coordinate all aspects of trial needs.


  1. Trial Logistics – Follow through with logistical coordination received from Senior Trial Presentation Consultant/Coordinator and/or external litigation team members (paralegals, associates, trial attorneys). Confirm lines of communication to carry out all trial logistics as listed below.   


  1. Trial Presentation Job Management – Launch service plan and assign internal and independent trial presentation consultants to confirmed projects.


  1. Internal Team Communication – Collaborate and communicate with internal interdisciplinary groups in the litigation consulting departments (graphic designers, jury consultants, etc).


  1. Courtroom Technology – Design courtroom display schematics for courtroom and install presentation equipment. Survey courtroom and recommend best use of presentation display technology (projectors, monitors, VGA distribution boxes, VGA switchers, audio, document projectors, matrix switches).


  1. Trial Exhibits – Receive electronic and or paper exhibits from client. Manage document conversion internally or with outside vendors (scanning specs, Output specifications, costs, etc.) to build document database with in Trial Director. Understanding of Adobe software to convert and label documents as needed. 


  1. Video Preparation and Editing for Trial – Ability to prepare, convert, edit and synchronize video using standard off the shelf software (Adobe Premier, TMPG, etc) and industry specific software such as Time Coder Pro, Live Note and Trial Director.


  1. War-room Set Up – Assess and advise on clients’ needs for on-site/mobile war room. Basic knowledge of networking for wired and wireless access to printers and scanners. 


  1. On the Fly Graphics– Develops and edits simple graphic images and exhibits using standard off the shelf software packages such as Microsoft Office suite of products and Adobe design software.


  1. Presentation at Trial – Courtroom multimedia presentation and hot-seat operation. On the fly capabilities including real time document annotations, creation of transcript designations, video editing and clip creation using Trial Director.


  1. Support Trial Team – Work onsite with trial support team assisting with any necessary tasks including tasks within presentation scope and outside such as, but not limited to, courtroom setup, assisting with courtroom delivery and removal of documents, etc.


  1. Archiving and Case Finalization – archive or destroy (based on client orders) final trial database of all exhibits on internal storage systems per company policies. Manage trial database archives.


  1. Proposals and Estimates – Create project scopes and estimate costs in conjunction with sales team members. Deliver scopes and estimates to sales team members to deliver and/or deliver approved proposals directly to clients. Follow up with clients (alone or with sales team as needed) to answer questions, further describe service plans directly.


  1. Consulting – Consult and advise litigation teams (attorneys, experts, witnesses, etc.) on best ways to present the most effective visual presentation and communicate trial strategy pre-trial and onsite.


  1. On the Fly Graphics – Develops and edits simple graphic images and exhibits using standard off the shelf software packages such as Microsoft Office suite of products and Adobe design software.


  1. Manage Internal Resources – Manage internal trial presentation team. Assign daily and long term tasks. Work with operations officers to maximize best use of time. Create and implement continued education and training programs to expand knowledge of industry best practices and presentation tools (ie software and hardware).


  1. Vendor Management – Direct communication with all trial presentation related service vendors, including but not limited to, document scanning, document reproduction, electronic document services, video services, equipment providers, transportation and delivery, etc. Negotiate favorable rates, manage deliverables and quality control.


  1. Software – Manage maintenance of trial presentation specific software (Trial Director, Time Coder, etc), keeping current on latest versions and assessing new technologies available in the field.


  1. Hardware and displays – Supervise equipment manager to ensure company owned presentation equipment is maintained and available for trial. Assess new technologies.


  1. Focus Groups Presentation and data collection – Set up presentation technology at focus groups (same technology and software as used for trial presentation). Set up and operate data collection software onsite at research projects (Turning Point). Assist research team in facilitation of research project logistics. Deliver final data and videos to the research team for processing.  Deliver final data and videos to the research coordinator for archiving.