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Be specific. Generalizations can become meaningless.

Your resume is your chance to highlight your skills but you only have limited space (one page or two, doesn’t matter). What can happen is that job candidates sum up their skills SO generally that, in effect, they’re meaningless… “Excellent interpersonal skills”, “excellent communication skills”, “detail oriented.” Nearly everyone writes at least one of those on the resume but where’s the proof? And how to prove that you’re more detail oriented than the others? Prove it by giving examples! The resume with specified accomplishments has more chance of standing out from the competition and getting you in front of the company interviewer than a generic cookie cutter version.  
  •  “Excellent computer skills” becomes e.g. “the Department’s go-to person for PowerPoint
    presentations/Excel pivot tables”.
  • “Strong work ethic” becomes e.g. “always willing to work the extra time to meet the monthly deadlines”.
  • “Detail oriented” becomes e.g. “was asked by the CEO to organize a Christmas party for 140 Lithuanian crop dusters”.
  • “Excellent writing skills” becomes e.g. “wrote Training Manual for Cold-Calling for Sales Staff”.