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“I hate my job”

Maybe you have, alas, very good reasons to hate your job. Maybe it’s not as bad as you think but you hate it anyway. It doesn’t matter why and let’s not make this week’s blog a real downer with listing all sorts of ghastly reasons why you just HAVE to win the lottery. The point is you want a new job NOW.

Staffing services are here to help and they’ll try to find a good match and get you out of your Slough of Despond** as quickly as possible. But more of the jobs these days are temp-to-perm. I am stating quite categorically that you really, really, really, really have to need, not want, to leave a permanent job to risk a temp-to-perm situation. What if you get the job and then they change their mind? Budget constraints and all that…..you’ll end up with nothing.
Of course, we’ll want to fill the position, it’s our business. Don’t forget, though, that we’re here for clients AND candidates and we don’t want to see you out of a job, money and your apartment because the client has had to pull the “to perm” bit out of the temp-to-perm equation. So….unless you are financially in the luxurious position of being able not to live pay check to pay check, and have your health care covered, let common sense prevail.

If your reasons for having to get out of a horrible situation are going to involve a chat with Human Resources, the CEO or an employment lawyer (eeeek), then a good employment counselor is there to talk things through with you so that you can come up with the best solution till a new and permanent position appears on your radar.   
There are jobs out there. Not as many as there were years ago, but there are still jobs out there. Don’t panic.
**a phrase from “Pilgrim’s Progress”, a very boring book written in the 17th century. I had to study it when I was 14 and I’m still in therapy.